Wednesday, June 6, 2007

7 Powerful Processes to Attract Anything Fast

Want to know how to attract what you desire fast? Use one of the following powerful processes to bring what you want into your life sooner than later. Use a combination of them to manifest it even faster. Use them all together and you may just see results today!

Powerful Process #1: Decision

All things begin with a thought. It is our choice what thoughts we focus on. We decide to pay attention to one thought or another, and the more focus and attention we put on a thought, the more attractive force we give it. It is through our decisive power that we select which thoughts we want to focus on. By choosing to focus more and more on a particular thought or idea, the bigger and clearer it becomes. One thing to be aware of: To not decide is to decide. People who appear to be indecisive are actually being decisive about being indecisive. Instead of using the powerful process of decision to focus on what they want, they use it to convince themselves that they don't know what they want. Either way, the Law of Attraction is at work and you get what you focus on.

Powerful Process #2: Intention

Once a decision is made to focus on a thought that has a desired outcome, setting an intention to attract that idea into your reality is very powerful. Intention is the mother of all creation. It is desire for a specific result and the determination to get it. Intention is moving forward with purpose and aspiring to achieve the results a mind is set on. Set an intention to be, do, or have something, and you powerfully summon the Universe to arrange itself to manifest your desires.

Powerful Process #3: Visualization

Taking the time to picture what you want in your mind and see yourself already having or experiencing it is extremely powerful. The key to effective visualization is feeling with all of your senses what it would be like if you have what you want now. This is much like playing "make believe", but here you are affirming to the Universe that what you want is already so. By doing this, you powerfully attract to you what you desire because it quite literally is already yours! What you see in your mind, you will hold in your hand. One tip when it comes to visualizing: the mind likes movement, so see yourself doing things, moving about, driving the car, walking through the house you want, etc.

Powerful Process #4: Gratitude

Everyone knows how great it feels to be appreciated. When someone thanks us, we want to do more for them. That's why being grateful is so powerful. Appreciating something literally appreciates it (makes it increase). Expressing gratitude in advance of receiving what you desire draws it to you. The more appreciative you are, the stronger your attractive force. Best of all, gratitude feels wonderful, and it too affirms to the Universe that you already have what you desire. And the Universe always responds to our thoughts with "Your wish is my command!"

Powerful Process #5: Releasing

The biggest obstacle to attracting our desires is our attachment to old ways of thinking. Even if we are experiencing something undesirable, on some level it is more comfortable than change. Resistance to change and new experiences stops the manifesting of our desires cold in their tracks. Though most of us won't admit that we are sabotaging our own success, deeper beliefs (old patterns of thought) prevent us from moving quickly into what we want. Releasing that resistance is probably the most important of all the processes. All it takes is the practice of letting go. There are many methods to accomplish this, meditation being a highly effective one, but it really all just comes down to relaxing our hold on certain thoughts. A quick way to do this comes from the Sedona Method: Ask yourself, "Could you let this go? Will you let this go? When?" And repeat that to yourself until you feel you've released it. Once you have, the natural flow of universal energy will be drawn to the attractive force of your desires.

Powerful Process #6: Action

This is a crucial part of the creation equation. The Universe moves to bring to you what you desire, but it also takes you moving to align yourself with it. If you pay attention to your intuition, you will be inspired to take action that brings you closer to your intention. Like pieces of a puzzle, the Universe is organizing things to complete the picture you hold in your mind, but you are the one who puts it together. The Universe is like someone looking over your shoulder and saying "That one goes there." It is then up to you to perform the action that brings you closer to the desired outcome. There is a quote that I have on my desk: "Pray as if everything depended on God, and then work as if everything depended on you."

Powerful Process #7: Allowing

Allowing is simply letting things be what they are. It is being detached from the outcome and unconcerned with what others are doing around you. That doesn't mean that you stop caring. It just means that you stop letting yourself waste energy on trying to control how things happen. Figuring out how your desires are going to manifest is not your job. That's what the Universe does for you infinitely better than you ever could. Not to say you aren't a great organizer, but there are things transpiring you aren't even aware of that are ultimately going to benefit you and bring to you what you want. Allow the Universe to sort out the details. Your role is to keep declaring what you want. It's like you are the CEO of your life and the Universe is your Manager that takes care of all the mundane shuffling of people and events so you enjoy the fruits of their labor.

So there you have it. 7 powerful processes to attract anything fast. Use them often, but most importantly, have fun with it. Feeling good about yourself, your life, and enjoying the process is ultimately what matters... (and literally causes things to materialize.)

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