Friday, June 15, 2007

Another "The Secret" Book

Yesterday I got an email "out of the blue" from someone I don't even know. Apparently, they got my info from someone I had taken a class with. Though I don't like getting unsolicited emails, I was very grateful to have received this one. They sent it to me because of my interest in "The Secret", and thought I might appreciate what they had to share. In the email, they informed me of another book they had come across titled "The Secret", but this one was by an author named Michael Berg.

They went on to share that in his brief but inspiring book "The Secret: Unlocking the Source of Joy and Fulfillment", Berg writes: "The only way to achieve true joy and fulfillment is by becoming a being of sharing." Intrigued by that statement, I went to the bookstore and grabbed myself a copy.

I read Michael Berg's 100 page book in just two hours. It is small, but packed with powerful spiritual wisdom. He uses storytelling to illustrate that giving freely is what proves to be most satisfying way to be, and he offers some good advice about overcoming obstacles to living a life of generosity.

Simply put, this "Secret" is about shifting our focus from wanting and getting to giving and sharing. We get what we give, and if we offer our thought and actions with the intention of sharing with others, then we are more in alignment with the creative and abundant nature of the Universe. By becoming beings of sharing, we unlock the source of our true joy and lasting fulfillment.

Great little book. I highly recommend it.

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