Tuesday, June 5, 2007

How to Experience Prosperity

"Prosperity is the ability to do what you want to do at the instant you want to do it."
- Raymond Charles Barker

Sounds great, but how do you actually experience prosperity if you aren't born into wealth, a lottery winner, or given a large sum of money to live off of?

The answer eludes most of the general population who live paycheck to paycheck, are overwhelmed with credit card debt, and barely have any savings in the bank. That was my story a few months ago, but I turned it around in a very short time with what I learned about the Law of Attraction from the movie "The Secret".

The key to experiencing prosperity is focus, especially if you want to improve your finances to the point where you are free to do what you want when you want. Until you make a decision to focus your attention on something, you will never experience it.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. Just as similar vibrations resonate with each other like a tuning fork, our thoughts attract to us experiences and things that are a vibrational match to our focus. If we are focusing and thinking about debt, we attract more debt. If we are focusing and thinking about prosperity, we attract into our lives things that bring us the experience of prosperity.

By definition, prosperity is the condition of being successful. Success means many things to different people, but ultimately the underlying motivation for any kind of success is the pursuit of happiness. Dig a little deeper on why someone wants the promotion, the raise, the new car, home, or partner, and it all boils down to wanting to be happier.

The catch is that things do not bring lasting happiness. Most successes are short lived and the happiness fades once the newness of the achievement passes. Lasting happiness and true success are a result of consistent focus on being happy now, and in a short time that focus will attract prosperity.

Being happy now is easy. It is the natural state of our being when we let go of all the thoughts we hold onto. If you can take a deep breath and relax, you can be happy now. To make it even more powerful, think of something to be grateful for. As you start focusing on positive thoughts and feel good, you will start to powerfully attract more good into your life.

When you focus on the good, prosperity comes naturally, and you will begin to attract to you opportunities and ideas that inspire you to take action. This is the critical moment where quick decision making truly serves you, for to hesitate and wobble indecisively in procrastination only causes you to lose precious momentum. The Universe likes speed. When you have an inspired thought, act on it.

The time it takes for you to experience prosperity depends on you. If you resist it, it will take much longer. If you trust your intuition and go with the flow, holding your vision with sharp focus on what you want, you will attract everything you need to create the life you desire. And when you look back on your journey from lack to prosperity, you will see how it was all just a matter of what you focused on.

The Universe is abundant. Prosperity is all around you. To experience it, all you have to do is shift your focus and see what was there all along.

Nathan Wolfe

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