Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Power of Gratitude

One thing that I have become more and more aware of since watching "The Secret" is the power of gratitude. It is by far the quickest shortcut to feeling good I know of, and if you understood The Secret as I did, feeling good is the key to attracting more good since the Law of Attraction states that "like energy attracts like energy".

In "The Secret", Joe Vitale introduces the powerful process of gratitude by asking "What can you do right now to begin to turn your life around? The very first thing is to start making a list of things to be grateful for. This shifts your energy and starts to shift your thinking. Whereas before this exercise you might be focusing on what you don't have, your complaints, and your problems, you go in a different direction when you do this exercise. You start to be grateful for all the things that you feel good about."

Wallace D. Wattles, author of the book that inspired Rhonda Byrne to create "The Secret" wrote: If it is a new thought to you that gratitude brings your whole mind into closer harmony with the creative energies of the Universe, consider it well, and you will see that it is true.

For me, taking a moment to sit down and start to be grateful for things feels a little challenging at first, but once I get rolling, the floodgates open, and soon I find myself not able to stop the outpouring of gratitude I have for all the people and things I usually take for granted in my life.

Recently I wrote an email to all my loved ones expressing how much I loved and appreciated them being in my life. I started writing that before I went to bed and before I knew it, it was 6am! I was feeling so good that I stayed up all night writing that email. It was so powerful, and I just wanted to keep writing more!

Try it. As James Ray says in "The Secret": "Gratitude has been such a powerful exercise for me. Every morning I get up and say "Thank You". Every morning, when my feet hit the floor, "Thank you". And then I start running through what I'm grateful for, as I'm brushing my teeth and doing the things I do in the morning. And I'm not just thinking about them and doing some rote routine. I'm putting it out there and I'm feeling the feeling of gratitude."

I've started doing this when I wake up in the morning, and it truly is a wonderful way to start the day off in a good mood. I even sit down and write in my journal all that I am grateful for in that moment. And as I think about it now, I am feeling so grateful for "The Secret" and all that has come into my life as a result of it.

I am so grateful for all the teachers of "The Secret". I have gone to each of their websites and learned so much more about the Law of Attraction and the power we have to attract all that we desire into our lives. I am so grateful for Rhonda Byrne, for her vision, and her passion of sharing "The Secret" with the world. And I am so deeply grateful for everyone and everything that has led me to this amazing point in my life.

It feels so good to be grateful, and I hope that you too will use the power of gratitude to feel good. And if you can practice it everyday and start to have an "attitude of gratitude", you will experience The Secret for yourself and see how being appreciative literally appreciates more into your life!

Thank you for checking out my blog. I hope that this in some way has helped or inspired you.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Book That Inspired "The Secret"

Rhonda Byrne, the creator of "The Secret", was inspired to make the movie after reading a particular book that one of her daughters left behind for her. At a time in Rhonda's life when she was facing challenges from every direction, this century-old tattered transcript turned her life around. That book, written by Wallace D. Wattles in 1910, answered the hard questions Rhonda desperately wanted answers to.

What is interesting about this book is that the title seems to throw most people off. I've noticed this when mentioning it to friends who seem to lose interest as soon as I tell them the name of it. Most recently, I was talking to my girlfriend about it, and she literally recoiled when I told her the title of this amazing book. So I got to thinking about that...

I'm sure most of us have heard the phrase, "Don't judge a book by its cover." Well, I'm not sure where that cliche came from, but it couldn't be more true about this particular one. Before I reveal the name of it, I'd like to offer a glimpse of what's inside this gem.

There is a syllabus mentioned over and over in the chapters of this little book, which is surprisingly only 70 pages long. This theme is the basis for the Law of Attraction, and if you can fully comprehend the implications of it, you will have realized the key to having everything you desire in your life.

In Wallace D. Wattles own words:

There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe.

A thought, in this substance, produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.

Man can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his thoughts upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.

Did you get that? Read it again... and again. Let it sink in. This might just be the most profound statement you will ever read. If you grasp its meaning, you will have made a quantum leap in understanding the Secret and how you create your reality.

Wallace D. Wattle's book explains in depth simply and eloquently how to use this knowledge in a "certain way". He writes:

It is a natural law that like causes always produce like effects, and therefore, any man or woman who learns to do things in this certain way will infallibly get...

... Are you ready to hear the rest of it? Get what?!

Before I satisfy your curiosity, I want to elaborate on that "what" just to put it all in perspective. So let me ask YOU a question...

What do you really want in your life? I mean REALLY want. To help you with the answer to that, ask yourself this: What would I do if I could do anything I wanted, and it was not limited by time or money?

Think about it for a moment. Pretend like you just won the Powerball Super Lotto and received $850 million dollars to do whatever you please with. What would you do?

Buy your dream home? Buy the car you've always wanted? Travel the world?

Would you give to your favorite charities? Help out your family and friends? Save the world?

You could do anything with that kind of money, so what would it be?

Now that you've had time to think about it, what would have to happen in order for you to have and do all those wonderful things? You'd have to have Bill Gates' bank account wouldn't you. A couple billion dollars would make it a lot easier to live the life of your dreams, right? So consider what Wallace D. Wattles says about wealth:

Whatever may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich.

That, my friend, is the "what". Getting rich is the key to living the life of your dreams. But before you gasp and say "Well, that's never going to happen!" Hang in there. There is hope, and that is precisely what this book gave Rhonda Byrne. Actually, it gave her more than just hope, it spelled out exactly the Science of Getting Rich. Hence, the name of Wallace D. Wattles book.

In the pages of "The Science of Getting Rich", Wallace D. Wattles goes on to write:

The ownership of money and property comes as a result of doing things in a certain way. Those who do things in this Certain Way, whether on purpose or accidentally, get rich; while those who do not do things in this Certain Way, no matter how hard they work or how able they are, remain poor.

Do you want to remain poor? Or do you want to be rich and have all that you desire in life?

I know, I know... stupid question. So here's the important one: What is that Certain Way?!

That is explained clearly in Wallace D. Wattles book, "The Science of Getting Rich".

Now, since you have stayed with me through all this, I want to give you something that will lead you to understanding and doing things in this Certain Way.

Click on

On that website, there is a place to sign up for 7 Free Lessons from the teachers of "The Secret", Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield. They have developed a program based on "The Science of Getting Rich", which you can read all about on the site. The 7 Free Lessons are truly FREE, so take advantage of them. After you have soaked them up and are hungry for more, The Science of Getting Rich Program will show you how to master doing things in this Certain Way.

I personally couldn't wait to get the whole program. I received my materials last week and have been saturating my mind listening to the audio, reading the workbook, and doing the exercises to train myself to do things in this Certain Way. It is an awesome program, to say the least! And I know I am on my way to attracting wealth and prosperity as a result of learning the Science of Getting Rich!

I hope you'll join me on this wonderful journey. There is a way to have everything you desire in life. This is it. Are you going to seize it?

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Lisa Nichols

Wow! I have been all over the Internet checking out the websites of all the teachers in "The Secret", and I have to say that they are all doing some amazing work in this world. Tonight I listened to an interview between Bill Harris and Lisa Nichols on the website:
(Just register your name and email address, and you'll have access to the interview).

Lisa Nichols replaced Esther Hicks in "The Secret - Extended Edition", which I personally wasn't too fond of, but after listening to that interview, I have a newfound respect for Lisa. They don't really go into who she is in the movie. To me it seemed she just kind of "filled in" for Esther Hick's absence.

Well, in the interview, she talks more about her passion of working with inner-city teens and her mission to prevent teen suicides. To date, she has worked with 60,000 teens and prevented 1800 suicides! I checked out her website after the interview, which is: and read more about her "Motivating the Teen Spirit" programs. This woman is a Force of Nature! Now I'm pleased to see that she was involved in "The Secret" and is using her passion to teach teens the Law of Attraction so they too can turn their lives around.