Sunday, June 3, 2007

Releasing Resistance

The only thing between you and what you want is your resistance to receiving it. Releasing that resistance is key if you truly want to attract all that you desire.

We live in an abundant Universe of infinite potential and possibility. Perfection is all around us. Well-being flows effortlessly through everything taking the path of least resistance. Grass doesn't strain to grow. Mountains don't struggle to become majestic peaks. The Universe does everything with zero effort.

Our most natural state is one of perfect health, unlimited abundance, absolute joy, total freedom, and unconditional love. Anything that is preventing or blocking us from experiencing this is caused by resistance.

That resistance is in the form of negative thoughts, repressed emotions, tightly held beliefs, false ideas, and illusions we accept as fact. The truth is that we have always had the choice to let all that go and allow the flow of abundance to heal our lives.

Everything is energy. Therefore releasing emotional blocks and resistance is just a matter of getting the energy to move and flow inside us. Letting go and releasing resistance inside you is the shortcut to having all you desire in any area of your life.

I have learned of three methods for doing this kind of releasing energy work through a few of the teachers of The Secret:

Bob Doyle promotes a process called EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. Click this link to watch a video about it:
I'm currently reading a book by Carol Look called "Attracting Abundance with EFT", which is highly recommended by Bob Doyle as well.

Hale Dwoskin promotes a process called The Sedona Method. Click this link for more info about it and a sample of how it works:

Joe Vitale promotes a process called Ho’oponopono in his new book "Zero Limits", which is an ancient Hawaiian art to neutralize and purify ourselves. Click this link to learn more:

At the core of every one of these processes is letting go. Forgiving ourselves and those we have blamed is also an important part of releasing our resistance. Finally, loving ourselves, being grateful, and blessing it all opens us to profound healing.

So as Hale Dwoskin would say as part of The Sedona Method:

Can you let it go?

Will you let it go?


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