Friday, June 22, 2007

Anything Fast

Since I have explored most of the offerings of each teacher in The Secret, I have come to love most of what Joe Vitale produces. One book that he's endorsed, "Anything Fast" by Stuart Lichtman, is the most comprehensive guide I've read for attracting A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G you want FAST! I got it a couple of months ago and have studied it thoroughly. Now that I've finished reading the last bonus I received, I've been authorized to share it with you.

Though the title says "How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast", this book explains a process that can be used to quickly attract anything you desire, whether it is a health related goal, a partner, the perfect job, a new car, or your dream home. Included with the ebook are nine unadvertised bonuses that cover a wide range of things from "becoming lucky" to "turning around dicey situations". There is also a "Super Achievement Clearing Process" that is extremely powerful at removing blocks in your subconscious mind.

Stuart began using the techniques that later evolved into what he calls the Cybernetic Transposition Method when he was a student at M.I.T. After having a near-death experience and being clinically dead for 8 minutes, he was awakened to abilities he'd never been aware of. He began meditating two hours a day to "receive packets of information" that would become the actual nuts and bolts of the process. Since then, he has personally trained over 50,000 people around the world to use it and has helped thousands more through his book.

Here's what Joe Vitale had to say about it: "Here was a precise set of instructions on having, doing, and being anything you could imagine. I read over the material in awe. While I've been investigating the processes for creating whatever you want in your life, I had never come across anything that clearly walked people through all the steps of picking, naming, and getting their dreams. Here, in short, were formulas for miracles."

I agree with Joe. This book is literally an operation manual for your mind. Though I'm still studying it and working on applying it in my own life, I didn't want to waste any time sharing it with you now that I'm allowed to. Click on the book to read more about it.

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