Monday, June 11, 2007

The Sedona Method

Today UPS delivered the Sedona Method to me. I ordered it last Tuesday as my interest peaked on the importance of letting go. This month I've realized more clearly how our own resistance blocks our experience of well-being and abundance, and I've made it a priority for myself to release whatever I'm holding onto so I can attract what I desire faster. I've been using the simple questions I found on the Sedona Method website ( with amazing results, so I am very excited about studying the full course I received today in depth.

I've already listened to the Introduction, which in and of itself is amazing because Hale Dwoskin (who was also in The Secret) basically gives away the meat and potatoes right from the start. (You can get this CD free from their website.) It's simplicity is baffling. Hale evens admits that most people reject it at first because of that. We've all been taught to complicate everything, but the great truths in life are usually in the simplest terms. Basically, if you can ask yourself three questions, you can let go of anything. Here they are again: "Could I let this go? (or can I?) Would I let it go? (or will I?)" And then ask yourself... "When?"

Can you let it go?

Will you let it go?


The key is to keep asking yourself this a few times until you feel yourself relax and release whatever discomfort or tension you are feeling.

Can you?

Will you?


It's so easy. Try it! I've used it to let go of irritation, worry, and even sugar cravings. Today I was in the grocery store and walked by the bakery. The cinnamon rolls and doughnuts seemed to be calling me over to them, but I stopped myself. I took a moment and noticed how I was feeling. Then I asked myself those questions...

Can I let it go?

Will I?


After a couple rounds, the craving disappeared, and I continued on to the hot bar to get some real food. Anyone who knows me and my history with sugar knows that this is a miracle. (I used to put down a dozen doughnuts no problem AND chase it with two pints of ice cream!) The fact that I can avoid binging myself into a sugar-induced coma just from asking myself a few simple questions is absolutely incredible!

I am so excited about the potential of using the Sedona Method in my life. Not that I'm trying to sell you on it or anything. Trust me, I am in no way benefitting financially from promoting this. I just feel I've made one of the most amazing discoveries of my life and want to share it with anyone who will listen. So take it or leave it. If you take it, I think you're in for a real eye-opening experience!

I'll keep you posted on my progress... :)


audrey c. said...

HI Nathan !
I want to use this method more and more. I will try, i mean I'll do it, to practice this method to erase some pain I have had for many months. Thanks for sharing this method ! I'll do it and it will work, i know !

Mark Lane said...

Thanks Nathan for the link to sedona. I hurried over to check it out and get my free dvd and cd. I printed the optimists creed yesterday from your blog on that and it was very useful to me today as I re read it to jumpstart me out of some feelings that weren't serving me. Your story about the success with sugar cravings was fantastic. i remember a lot of ice cream... Keep it coming. I look forward to your postings.