Friday, June 1, 2007

The Secret to Money

The chapter in The Secret that talks about money starts with Jack Canfield talking about some of the negative beliefs he accepted from his parents when he was a kid. "Money doesn't grow on trees" was a popular one I heard my mother say too. I grew up hearing "We can't afford that" constantly and was taught that you had to work hard just to get by. I often got teased by the kids at school for wearing "Winner's Choice" shoes bought from Wal-mart, and I dreamed of one day being like the "rich" kids who got anything they wanted.

When I was 18, I was introduced to the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill when I was in college. I read it over and over, I studied it, and I tried desperately to change my way of thinking so I could become rich. But I made the mistake a lot of people do when they don't see results right away, and I impatiently tossed the book aside saying "This stuff doesn't work!"

As James Ray points out in The Secret, the Universe is always saying "Your wish is my command." When we give up like that and go back to our negative thinking and beliefs, we push what was just about to break through the surface back down. When James explained that, a light went off and I instantly understood why I never saw the wealth I wanted in my life. I was never consistent in changing my way of thinking.

So how do you turn it around and begin attracting all that wonderful prosperity and abundance everyone in The Secret seems to be masters at? Joe Vitale asks all the questions on most of our minds: "How can I attract more money into my life? How can I get more of the green stuff? How can I, with my job, dealing with the credit card debt that I have, and the realization that maybe there's a ceiling on the money that can come in because it's coming to me through my job, how can I bring in more?"

Then he bluntly answers with: "Intend it! Say how much you would like to have." Bob Proctor goes on to say "Most people have a goal of getting out of debt. That will keep you in debt forever. Whatever you are thinking about you will attract. You'll say it's to get out of debt. I don't care if it's get out or get in, if you're thinking debt, you are attracting debt. Set up an automatic debt repayment program and start focusing on prosperity."

I was one of those people. I was over $60,000 in debt, and I was so overwhelmed by it I got nauseous when it came time to pay bills. After watching The Secret, I saw how powerfully I was attracting more debt with those negative feelings. So I shifted my focus from what I owed to being grateful for what I received.

David Schirmer, shares something that I applied immediately: "The Law of Attraction states that what you focus on you will get, so I got a bank statement. I whited out the total and I put a new total in there. I put exactly how much I wanted to see in the bank." So I did the same thing. I took my credit card statements, whited out all the balances, and put zero balances on them with "Paid in full!" written in red. Then I took my bank statements and whited out the balances and put the new amount I wanted to have.

Since I have taken my focus off of the debt and visualized myself having more, amazing things have transpired as I keep my intention to attract prosperity and abundance. So the Secret to money is that wealth is a mindset. But remember that wealth isn't just about money, it's only a part of it. Having all the things that we desire doesn't guarantee what we really want, which is ultimately to be happy. True wealth is a combination of health, happiness, love, and prosperity.

Nathan Wolfe

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