Thursday, May 31, 2007


In The Secret, there are several powerful processes that you can use to attract what you want. I've already covered the first one, which is gratitude in some previous posts, so I'll expand on the second one: Visualization.

Visualization is the process of seeing in your mind images of yourself enjoying what you want. The key to effective visualization is seeing those pictures in your mind so clearly that you feel as if you already have what you want now.

One great way to get a vivid picture in your mind is to create a Vision Board. John Assaraf talked about his experiences with it in The Secret and how he realized years later that he moved into the exact house he had visualized by looking at his vision boards.

A vision board is simply a collection of pictures of the things you want, whether it's a new house, car, vacation, or physique. I put together some vision boards of the new truck, motorcycle, and ATV that I want. I found some great photos online through some of the manufacturer's websites. You can also cut out photos from magazines, brochures, and catalogs.

Another powerful way to assist you in visualizing is to actually go and test drive the new car or go for a tour of the home you want. Just today, I went to the Toyota dealership and took a ride in the new Tacoma I want. I even had my salesman, Keith, take pictures of me in it.

Now I've printed the photos and placed them on my vision board. I've made a habit of taking just a few minutes a day to look at my vision boards, close my eyes, and see myself already having the things that I want. Add to this process the feelings of being grateful in advance, and you are powerfully attracting to you what you desire.

There are some other tricks to making visualization even more powerful too. Try to get all your senses involved when seeing what you want in your mind. Feel the steering wheel in your hands, hear the sound of the engine, and even smell the that new car fragrance. I cheated and took an empty water bottle with me when I test drove my truck and let it sit in the cab when we drove around. When I left, I put the lid on it to capture that new car smell. Now I have it to assist me in my visualization.

It may seem strange to go the extent I have to attract what you want, but ask yourself how bad do you want it? If your desire is as strong as mine, you will do everything to get it sooner than later. If anything, visualization is just fun!

Just to share a quick little success story... I recently moved into a new place. For about a month I had been visualizing moving into a house with a view of the mountains and access to the lake. I didn't realize it at first, but one day when I was walking around the yard, I looked out to see a "window" through the trees with a view of the mountains! And the lake is just down the road!

This stuff works. Try it. I think you'll be amazed at just how powerful visualization really is.

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