Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What would Love do now?

One of my favorite authors, Neale Donald Walsch, who is one of the featured teachers in The Secret, wrote in his book Conversations with God about this question of "What would Love do now?" I've read that book several times, and each time I have come away with even deeper understandings about God, Love, and Life (which are really all the same thing).

When asking myself that question, I have pondered the following:

Love desires the best for all concerned. Love accepts, sets free, lets go, yet holds dear, but stays unattached. Love is gentle and kind. Love smiles. Love heals and encourages. Love sees beauty in all things. Love is easy, feels good, and appreciates. Love laughs and is happy with. Love is playful and trusting. Love allows, cares for, and has faith. Love forgives. Love grows and supports, teaches and is patient. Love is generous and gives freely. Love enjoys and is joyous. Love celebrates, applauds, and roots for someone. Love welcomes openly, invites, and embraces softly. Love relaxes and releases tension. Love creates. Love is living fully. And Love is abundant.

Love is the answer.
Love is the way.

I hope that you'll choose to love today.

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