Monday, May 28, 2007

Notes from the Universe

One thing I have come to love getting daily in my Inbox is something I signed up for months ago called "Notes from the Universe". I learned about them on Mike Dooley's website after Ronda Byrne recommended them through her Secret Scrolls newsletter. These notes are written from the perspective of the Universe, and they are lighthearted, fun, and a delight to receive. Every note is inspiring and resonates with the Law of Attraction, and you can customize them to remind you of your heart's desires. If you would also like to receive Mike's gift of personalized Universe Notes, here is the link to receive them:

Mike Dooley's Note from the Universe that inspired me recently was:

Have you ever just started talking out loud as if you were some future version of yourself, Nathan, explaining what the ride to the top was like? As if you were a mentor sharing insider tips with someone you're really fond of? "When I first started out I had no idea of how I'd get where I am today..." kind of talk? You know, to yourself, in your car, in the shower, dowsing for water?
"But I knew better than to mess with the hows. Just define what you want, in terms of the end result. Visualize, as if it had already occurred. Take action, no matter how futile. Then, in time, 'Whoosh!' the floodgates finally burst open.... That's how I got my home with a view of the mountains.
"And you'll think to yourself, as I now do, 'Whatever did I do to deserve this much?' But of course, deep down you'll know how easy it really was. So you'll wonder who in your life you can share your secrets with... "
Trust me, Nathan, no one will laugh at you. Especially not when you receive $50,000.

Tallyho, amigo!

- The Universe

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