Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Lisa Nichols

Wow! I have been all over the Internet checking out the websites of all the teachers in "The Secret", and I have to say that they are all doing some amazing work in this world. Tonight I listened to an interview between Bill Harris and Lisa Nichols on the website:
(Just register your name and email address, and you'll have access to the interview).

Lisa Nichols replaced Esther Hicks in "The Secret - Extended Edition", which I personally wasn't too fond of, but after listening to that interview, I have a newfound respect for Lisa. They don't really go into who she is in the movie. To me it seemed she just kind of "filled in" for Esther Hick's absence.

Well, in the interview, she talks more about her passion of working with inner-city teens and her mission to prevent teen suicides. To date, she has worked with 60,000 teens and prevented 1800 suicides! I checked out her website after the interview, which is: and read more about her "Motivating the Teen Spirit" programs. This woman is a Force of Nature! Now I'm pleased to see that she was involved in "The Secret" and is using her passion to teach teens the Law of Attraction so they too can turn their lives around.

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