Sunday, June 24, 2007

The 7 Natural Laws of the Universe

The Law of Attraction is just part of one of the 7 natural laws of the Universe: the Law of Vibration. Of the 7 Laws, it may be the most important in how our everyday lives play out, but all of the laws are in effect whether we are aware of them or not. Knowing what the 7 laws are and how they work can make a significant difference in applying them to create the life you truly desire.

The 7 natural laws are in no particular order, but since the Law of Attraction has been discussed so much in The Secret, we'll start with it.

1. The Law of Vibration states that everything vibrates and nothing rests. Vibrations of the same frequency resonate with each other, so like attracts like energy. Everything is energy, including your thoughts. Consistently focusing on a particular thought or idea attracts its vibrational match. How to apply it: Focus on what you want instead of what you don't want.

2. The Law of Relativity states that nothing is what it is until you relate it to something. Point of view is determined by what the observer is relating to. The nature, value, or quality of something can only be measured in relation to another object. How to apply it: Practice relating your situation to something worse than yours, and you will feel good about where you are.

3. The Law of Cause and Effect states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause. Be at cause for what you want, and you will get the effect. All thought is creative, so be careful what you wish for... you will get it. How to apply it: Consistently think and act on what you want to be effective at getting it.

4. The Law of Polarity states that everything has an opposite. Hot-Cold, Light-Dark, Up-Down, Good-Bad. In the absense of that which you are not, that which you are... is not. Polar opposites make existence possible. If what you are not didn't coexist with what you are, then what you are could not be. Therefore, do not condemn or criticize what you are not or what you don't want. How to apply it: Look for the good in people and situations. What you focus on, you make bigger in your life.

5. The Law of Rythym states that everything has a natural cycle. The tides go in and back out, night follows day, and life regenerates itself. We all have good times and bad times, but nothing stays the same. Change is constant. Knowing that "This too shall pass" is great wisdom about life's ebb and flow. How to apply it: When you are on a down swing, know that things will get better. Think of the good times that are coming.

6. The Law of Gestation states that everything takes time to manifest. All things have a beginning and grow into form as more energy is added to it. Thoughts are like seeds planted in our fertile minds that bloom into our physical experience if we have nourished them. How to apply it: Stay focused and know that your goals will become reality when the time is right.

7. The Law of Transmutation states that energy moves in and out of physical form. Your thoughts are creative energy. The more you focus your thinking on what you want, the more you harness your creative power to move that energy into results in your life. The Universe organizes itself according to your thoughts. How to apply it: Put your energy and effort, your thoughts and actions into attracting what you want, and you will surely attract the physical manifestation of that energy.

The 7 Natural Laws of the Universe are working with you and for you. Take charge of your life by focusing on what you want, and by law, you will have it.


maurerpower said...

Thank you for sharing ...
It amazes me there are no comments from this information. These natural laws are more valuable to understand and apply to our lives than any other information available , yet few seek to find them and even fewer take advantage of the knowledge.
I live my intended my life and I always try to share this knowledge with others who are open to accept it. Cheers!

Spiritfinder said...

I agree with maurerpower - amazed there are no comments; although, I am finding that very few people have the true desire to live an intended life - seems 'bliss truly is ignorance'... tsk tsk, it is a shame. I have been aware of and utilizing these laws for a few years now and it is so nice to be free. I teach Ho'o PonoPono and combined with these laws, it is a very powerful 'jump start' to living the life you desire and deserve.
I 'tried' - can't stop my self; one of the best things I ever did for self was to stop using the word "try". For me the definition of Try is 'failing with dignity'; there simply is no place for try in my life any longer - it still pops up occasionally in conversation or thought, but I quickly retract and correct it saying, "... do my best" Try it on for size, see how it feels. :)

Katie said...

I really like the idea of " do my best"! I will give it a go!!! Thank you for the brilliant idea.

Unknown said...

Good idea

Ensha Wellness Therapy Center said...

Thank you for fleshing this out and putting in your practical wisdom. :) Grateful and Thankful to You :)

Unknown said...

im on the path to enlightenment, which will therefore lead me on the path of wealth because that is my ultimate desire. I love when other human-beings share their enlightened knowledge withe me/others, there is a reason why i used that word 'human-beings' instead of people or persons. because that's what we are, we are 'one' and we should never forget it. I believe we hold the key to unlocking all that you can think of, all that is. In our minds we hold the key. Without arms we can still create beautiful and amazing things, without legs we still perform truly wonderful feats. I say thanks to all the enlighten ones, especially the ones that know and are sharing this knowledge with other seekers like me.

Unknown said...

very nice work ! keep it up !!

Unknown said...

I came upon this blog doing some research for an inspirational motivational vlog I was doing. I am learning to master these 7 predominant universal laws in my own life - though there are many others. It takes a lot of deprogramming and reprogramming to get back to the natural state of just being. We are human on the outside but we are spiritual beings on a human journey. Life functions on 360 degrees of kinetic energy (sacred geometry and quantum physics). Our vibrations are vital to the life we live, and what we attract and choose to attract into our lives. The journey is never ending. When the body expires and the host (the energy source)ascends, it goes back from which it came...into the Universe.

Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing your findings, it's very precise and well written. I'll be following your blog for more excellent advice and knowledge to share.

yogi said...

Very nice share ..yes indeed the thoughts are greater and constantly repeating and focusing on what you want , definitely will attract that particular object or things or wish . Here what more important is not breaking the constant cycle as it carries you to up n down phases and once you understand that after every up down is there and after every down up is there . This will make your thoughts to start cycle and let u be there where you want to be. But there are many wishes n this way one achieve what he wants but in this process his times goes which can't be given back with achievements. So what to do , on what to focus ..Money , health , good house and good life but again these will go after some time and you will again be alone with yourself..Then what's the point of all this and looks to be frustrating. Here what need to find purpose of coming in human life and then finding our real self first as this physical body will also leave with your achievements and you can't get on with new body easily..So putting our thoughts for peaceful life and finding our real self first then one can go for his wishes or wants ..any way it's nice to be away from bad n negative thoughts ..thanks for sharing good inspiring 7 secrets of universal law.

Andiec said...

Can I use these for commercial use?

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Unknown said...

Hi A Drewz876, I'd like to know how your journey has been since you command 2years ago.

Unknown said...

Wow, All this laws are true if you know how to apply them to your life. I am a living testimony of it, I am chosen by the Divine power and on my birthday it was the right time for the The Secret to be given to me on all levels. It's truly amazing, I am one and the Father Who lives in me. And everything I asked in His name is busy manifesting right now, my life have changed and I'm sharing this Secret with anyone who is will be listen to me and understand what I'm telling about. I never knew that living would be so easy, my freedom and time. All thanks to the High power my God whom I live with all my being. My passion and purpose is to now go to His children all around the world starting with Africa this Secret that is intended for all His children. A life they want and deserve. Glory be to God.

Unknown said...

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